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Why did I "revive" this site?


E-mail PR Tip #1 : Simple is good. Complex is bad, very bad.

E-mail PR Tip #2: Urgent, Return Receipt Request = Annoying.

E-mail PR Tip #3: Two things that should be in EVERY e-mail press release.


Media PR Tip #1: Writers are not Assimilated

Media PR Tip #2: NDA, Embargo - There's a difference

Media PR Tip #3: Not all things are newsworthy.


General PR Tip #1: Do you have a plan?

General PR Tip #2: Do you have a calendar?

General PR Tip #3: A few people should speak, most shouldn't.

General PR Tip #4: Live and die by your website contents (or lack thereof).

General PR Tip #5: Not everyone reads the "wires."

General PR Tip #6: Pictures are good. Just ask before sending.

General PR Tip #7: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.



Meeting PR Tip #1: You should meet with reporters.

Meeting PR Tip #2: Be brief, be to the point, be seated

Meeting PR Tip #3: Assume ignorance; you can always slim down.


Disagreeing PR Tip #1: Everyone makes mistakes.

Disagreeing PR Tip #2: Let the coolest head seek redress.

Disagreeing PR Tip #3: Redress should be reasonable.

Disagreeing PR Tip #4: Acts of stupidity vs. Grand Conspiracies.

Disagreeing PR Tip #5: Dropping names and dropping bombs - Bad ideas.

Disagreeing PR Tip #6: Did we mention relationships before?


Trade Show PR Tip #1: PR needs a designated hitter.

Trade Show PR Tip #2: Take advantage of what you're given.

Trade Show PR Tip #3: Start early.


PR Firms Opinion #1: In-house or outhouse, er outsource?

PR Firms Opinion #2: Small is good. Large is Bad.

PR Firms Opinion #3: Adult supervision typically required.


Bio - Background on Doug Mohney as it relates to Marketing & PR work.